When it comes to kitchen gadgets and utensils, we all have plenty, generally items that get used once or twice then left to die in a drawer or cupboard, only to ever get seen again when having a declutter, decide they look useful and put back again. But something that every kitchen needs is at least one pair of scissors. Enter the Magnificent Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors, a tool that promises to be the Swiss Army Knife of the kitchen drawer. But is it a cut above or just not cutting it? Read on to find out.

So, let’s venture into the kitchen and dive into the world of snipping, cutting, slicing, scaling, nut cracking and bottle opening with these multi-use scissors.

Scissors are just scissors, right? Not really, there are lots of different types of scissors for various uses. The Magnificent Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors have a multitude of uses. They have 2 sharp blades that are perfect for all-round use in the kitchen; from opening packets to cutting meat. But they also feature two types of bottle openers – one that opens crown caps (the type that you find on beer bottles etc.) and one that opens twist-off bottle caps. They can also crack nuts, and even feature a serrated fish scaler on the outside edge of one of the blades. And to protect the blades, and your fingers when rummaging around in the drawer, they also have a plastic safety cover that slides onto the blades.


And as a bonus, they even come with a small pair of precision snipping scissors that are great for more delicate cuttings tasks. That could be for snipping fresh herbs for garnishing, trimming vegetables for precise cuts, or trimming flowers for floral arrangements, these scissors provide the necessary precision and control.

Overall, these are a very useful pair of scissors. The have a good weight and nice feel to them when using the and are a good size (about 8”, of which 4” is the blades). They cut well, whether it’s plastic food packaging, cardboard packaging, cutting up meat, pizza or veg. The bottle openers and great and the nutcracker and scaler add more functionality to a kitchen item that is taken for granted. The safety cover is a nice addition, too, ensuring that the only thing getting cut is your food, not your fingers.

While they feature thick blades, they are also lightweight and easy to use. The blades are stainless steel and have symmetrical non-slip handles, so are perfect for left or right handed users. They are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe and even have anti-rust properties.

So, are they a cut above or just not cutting it? They are perfectly functioning useful pair of kitchen scissors that are easy and comfortable to use and definitely ‘cut it’. Are they a cut above? That depends on what you compare them to; the blades are sharp enough to handle everything in the kitchen and the additional uses of bottle openers, nutcracker and scaler makes them more versatile than a standard pair of kitchen scissors.

The Magnificent Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors are a perfectly good pair of kitchen of scissors with versatile functionality. I know it is a simple thing, but I do like the blade cover that not only protects the blades from damage, but stops them damaging other things in the drawer and protects fingers when rummaging around in a busy drawer. Would I pay the RRP of £9.99, probably not, but at the current price of £4.99 I think they are worth the money.

Rating: 5/5 (at their current price of £4.99)

RRP: £9.99 (currently £4.99)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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