I don’t know anybody that doesn’t like listening to music; whether it is the radio, a specific artist or band, pop, rock, classical or instrumental. The great Louis Armstrong said “Music is life itself”. If that is true then Edifier are the doctors that bring forth that life into the world, whether it’s through their speakers, headphones or earbuds. As music tastes are very individual, not everybody wants to hear everyone else’s choices, so we tend to use headphones to enjoy our own musical tastes and keep it to ourselves, and I have been using Edifier’s WH700NB Active Noise Cancellation Wireless Headphones for listening to music, watching films and boxsets and playing games.

Edifier’s WH700NB headphones are a pair of truly wireless over the head, on-ear headphones and are jam-packed with features. They use Bluetooth v5.3 for a quick, seamless and reliable connection to your phone, laptop, tablet or other devices with Bluetooth support (your television may have support to use them). Being truly wireless means they are no cables to plug in to anything so they rely on a battery to power them and they have a very impressive battery life of up to 68 hours, depending on user settings. And as individuals, we all like different things, they even come in various colours; black, grey, ivory or navy.


  • Up to 68 hours continuous playback when ANC off
  • ANC technology isolates the unwanted noise and allows you to hear the environment sound
  • Crystal clear call quality with DNN noise cancellation
  • Effortlessly switch between music, online meetings, videos and calls on dual different devices at the same time
  • Latency as low as 0.08s under game mode, enjoy seamless gaming experience
  • Foldable & lightweight design, ideal for daily use and travel
  • Support Edifier Connect App

The Edifier WH700NB headphones are, as I said, are over the head, on-ear headphones. They feature a foldable design (the ear cups fold inwards to be flat making them easy for travelling with) and have an adjustable padded headband. They are available in four different colour options which all look great and I received mine in ivory,

When looking at headphones, there are three checkboxes that must always be ticked before looking at other functions; comfort, battery life and audio quality. Happily, the WH700NB delivers on all three counts.

Firstly, let’s have a look at the comfort. When sitting down to write reviews, I like to put on YouTube and listen to music whilst writing; it helps me concentrate and blocks out external annoying noises. In fact, as I’m sitting here now I’m listening to Theory of a Deadman and actually forgot that I was wearing headphones! They sit lightly, but securely, on the top of my head, gently cupping my ears – they weigh approx. 271g. They feature a padded adjustable headband and padded memory foam ear cups (or Skin-Friendly Ear Cushions as Edifier like to call them, which is an apt description as they gently cushion the ears for comfortable wearing and a an excellent listening experience).

These are the kind of headphones you can wear for an epic gaming session, sitting down to binge watch your newest TV boxset, lying down (or sitting and writing reviews) listening to your favourite artists, walking to work or going for jog and even on a transatlantic flight without feeling like your head is being gripped in a vice. And with a headband that easily adjusts, they are sure to fit heads of all shapes and sizes.

In short, they are extremely comfortable and not just for short periods but extended wearing.


Next up is the battery life. No one wants to run out of battery while enjoying dancing to the favourite tunes at the bus stop (which I saw a lady doing on my way to work last week). There is no need to worry about this with the WH700NB headphones as they have an extremely impressive 68 hours battery life. When I say 68 hours battery, that is at optimal settings with the active noise cancelling (ANC) disabled and will also depend on the type of music that you listen to and at what levels. From a single charge, using a USB-C cable, you should have enough battery life to see you through the standard working week.

You can achieve 68 hours usage with ANC disabled and not using at the highest volume levels etc. Enable ANC with same volume levels and music etc., and you can still expect to achieve a very impressive 45 hours before looking for a charging outlet. And even then, fear not, as should you happen to run out of battery before the week is out, pop them on charge for 10 minutes and get up to 8 hours usage, enough time to get you home and give them a proper charge.

And yes, these headphones have seen me through the week, and still going, from a single charge.

But comfort and battery life mean nothing if the audio quality is like trying to listen to the radio with your head in the toilet. I love the sound quality of these headphones for music, movies, gaming and phone calls. I use headphones on different devices; at home mostly on my laptop, but also on my phone and tablet (although with my phone I do tend to use wireless earbuds more). I have been using the WH700NB on my phone and laptop and have had two different experiences. My laptop is new, I’ve only had it a few months, and it is more up to date, my phone is at least 4 or 5 years old.

Using them on my laptop I found the listening experience far superior than when using them with my phone; while on both devices the sound was loud and clear, with crisp vocals and a decent bass, the laptop had a shaper sound compared to my phone. When using on my phone, sometimes I thought the audio sounded a little bit flat and dull in places. I was able to adjust the sound settings in the free Edifier Connect app and get it sounding better on those flat tracks. But I do prefer the sound when using with laptop, maybe it’s time to start thinking about a newer, updated phone.

With settings sorted in the app to my liking, the sound quality is excellent, especially on my laptop. The 40mm dynamic drivers with titanium coated diaphragms produce a crisp and clear sound with no distortion at loud volumes or higher frequencies. And as for the active noise cancellation, once enabled, it does a fantastic job at blocking out unwanted external noises from your environment, whether indoors or outdoors, making the listening experience much more enjoyable (although be aware that battery life is reduced when enabled). These headphones don’t just cancel those external noises; they eradicate them. It’s like having a personal mute button for the world around you. And with a multi-mode ANC that adapts to your environment, you can switch from silent isolation to being aware of your surroundings faster than you can say “Edifier”.

They not only sound wonderful with superb audio and call quality, with ANC enabled they are tremendous at blocking out the sound of everyday life around you for distraction-free listening.

With comfort, battery life and audio quality all combining perfectly for a fantastic listening experience, the features don’t stop there. When paired with your phone, they also become the phone’s microphone and speaker so that you can still take calls without removing the headphones. These headphones feature ENC enabled voice pick-up with AI enhancement for clear hands-free calls. By pressing the discreet button on the earcup you can answer calls, reject calls and hang up easily and the quality is so good that you could be standing next to the person speaking to you, it is so clear. With their DNN noise-cancelling microphone, your voice will come through clearer than a bell.

For the gamers that want to play in peace – LOCK THE DOOR. Only joking. Pop on the headphone are switch into gaming mode and enhance your gaming experience. The WH700NB feature a low latency gaming mode delivering audio in as little as 0.08s, sound is hitting your ears at near perfect speed! You will never miss a beat … or creeping footsteps behind you! With better lip-sync performance, while pinning down any whereabouts through sound cues, the gaming experience becomes more engaging and intense, losing yourself in an immersive world with no distractions.

And for those that use headphones on different devices, switching between a phone or laptop for example, these headphones support dual device connection. What does that mean? Well, it allows you to effortlessly switch between music, online meetings, videos, and calls on two different devices at the same time. This feature is a game-changer for multitaskers and professionals who need seamless integration with their digital lives.

Finally, the Edifier Connect app. This free app allows you to manage your headphones; customise settings, read the manual, switch modes and even view battery levels. A quick an easy way to configure the headphones for your own personal gaming and listening experiences with a very easy to use app.

Overall, the Edifier WH700NB noise cancellation wireless headphones are a testament to Edifier’s commitment to quality, innovation, and user satisfaction. They offer superb sound quality, excellent noise cancellation, impressive long battery life, superb easy wearing comfort and easy connectivity.

Using these headphones is a real pleasure. The comfort of the cushioned ear cups, the padded headband and their light weight is superb! No vice-like death grip, no pressure on your head or ears, yet secure. Perfect for all day wearing, whether it’s extended gaming sessions, movie marathons or chilling out listening to music. As for the audio quality, it is excellent, crisp and clear on calls and audio, even at loud volumes. And the Active Noise Cancellation, you have to try it to believe it, it is exceptional at eliminating external sounds so you can focus on and enjoy what you are listening to. Outstanding for indoor and outdoor use.

So whether it is just listening to music, streaming movies or TV boxsets, solo or multiplayer gaming and taking the odd phone call, the Edifier WH700NB wireless headphones are a high-quality, budget friendly option that look, feel and sound tremendous.

And all that quality is delivered for under £50! Budget pricing with high quality features.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £49.99

For more information, visit www.edifier.com. Available to buy from Amazon here.

DISCLOSURE: I received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This review uses an affiliate link which I may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the Amazon link (it helps with running costs of the website).

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