Travel Extension Lead

When off on your travels, whether for work, rest or play, it can often mean carrying around a myriad of devices and their associated cables – which all means you enter a quest of looking for enough available power outlets in unfamiliar places. And as much as I hate carrying loads of stuff around I have now added a lightweight travel extension lead to the items I take with me. Not only is this a 2 gang extension lead with a 1.4 metre that neatly rolls around the block for easy storage, but it also has 3 USB ports with fast charging.

This compact powerhouse is the ultimate travel companion, ensuring that you stay connected, charged, and ready to tackle your adventures with ease. As long as you can find a power outlet you don’t have to worry about battery life and can charge/use your different devices simultaneously.

The PD 20W USB C Fast Charger Travel Extension Lead boasts a rollable 1.4M extension cable, making it a breeze to pack and carry. Its lightweight design doesn’t compromise on power, offering a 20W USB C port that promises to charge your devices at lightning speed. Imagine charging your iPhone up to 60% in just half an hour – that’s 1.5 hours saved compared to a standard 5W charger!

With two AC outlets and three USB ports, this extension lead is a versatile powerhouse. You can charge up to five devices simultaneously, which is a lifesaver in hotel rooms or airports where outlets are often scarce. Whether you’re powering a laptop, smartphone, or camera, this extension lead has you covered.

As this is a small, very portable power strip (it measures 5.7 x 2.7 x 1.7 inches), it is excellent for travelling with; whether that’s hotel rooms, camper vans or cruise ships. Cruise Ships have different rules when it comes to extension leads and this extension is cruise ship compliant (although check with your provider first). If you are about to set sail, this extension lead is a must-have. It’s designed without surge protection, complying with cruise ship regulations, and its compact size makes it perfect for cabins with limited space and packing away into your luggage.

Travel Extension Lead

Overall, the PD 20W USB C Fast Charger Travel Extension Lead is an excellent compact power strip that is excellent for travelling with, or just using at home. It is compact and lightweight, the cable rolls nearly around it and is secured in place with a strap. The outlets are thoughtfully spaced to accommodate large plugs without blocking each other.

This is more than just an power accessory; it’s an essential tool for any traveller. Its compact, versatile design paired with fast-charging capabilities makes it a standout essential product, especially when on your travels. If you’re looking to streamline your travel tech, this extension lead is worth considering.

Some may consider the lack of a surge protector a negative, which if just using at home may be, but without one built in it makes it perfect for travelling and using in lots more settings, perfect if you take your tech with you when you set sail (cruise liners are renowned for not having many power sockets). That said, it is not without protection as it does feature short-circuit protection, over-charging protection, over-current protection and is fire resistant.

A great little travel extension lead – it takes up very little space, the cable rolls away neatly, it’s lightweight and with different power outlets it keeps all your different tech powered up, including fast charging your phone!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £20.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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