In a visual world of photography, still or moving, stability is king, and the JOBY PodZilla flexible tripod has arrived to claim its throne. This innovative gadget is a game-changer for photographers and videographers who are always on the move, seeking the perfect shot in the most unconventional places. Whether you are an amateur photographer taking pictures to share on social media to document your life for friends and family, a content creator creating TikToks or YouTube videos or a professional photographer, good quality images are key. And the PodZilla helps to achieve them in a more versatile way.

I have been using the JOBY PodZilla flexible tripod in medium size and bright yellow (it is also available in a large size and other colours). The kit contains the PodZilla Flexible Tripod and a smartphone clamp and has been designed to help you get the best photos and videos from your smartphone or camera.


  • Flexible tripod to allow versatile content creation
  • Push button locking mechanism for portrait positioning
  • 1/4 attachment to support devices weighing up to 1kg (2.2lb)
  • Includes Phone Clamp with double cold shoe attachment
  • Holds smartphone with widths of 6.7-8.8cm (2.6-3.5”)

Everybody knows what a camera tripod is, a three-legged stand to put your phone of camera on to take stable images, and the PodZilla is the same but different. The flexible fully articulated aluminium legs are wrapped in grippy rubber material that not only allow the tripod to stand up straight and secure, but can be manipulated for an unprecedented level of adaptability as you can bend and wrap the legs around things or adjust the legs to different sizes for standing on uneven surfaces to get better angles for the best shots. Whether you’re wrapping it around a tree branch or balancing it on a rocky outcrop, the PodZilla holds your camera steady with the tenacity of a mountain goat.


Overall, The JOBY PodZilla is a very versatile tripod for smartphones and cameras that is a stellar addition to any photographer’s toolkit. It is perfect for beginners and professionals and is so easy to use. It be used as a standard tripod but the real fun lies with the flexible grip legs; there are constructed with a durable aluminium core and covered in grippy rubber, allowing users to put the tripod into many fun positions to get stable shots that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get and from a whole new level of angles.

The legs are strong and sturdy, while being easy to bend and twist. The top of the tripod has a ball joint where you mount your phone in the clamp of attach your camera and by pressing a button on the side it allows you to adjust it to different angles.

The phone clamp is excellent. The medium version will securely open to hold phones with widths of 6.7-8.8cm (2.6-3.5”) – it securely held my Samsung Galaxy Note. The clamp effortlessly screws on to the thread on the top of the ball joint on the tripod. When not in use, it twists around, creating a smaller footprint for easy space-saving storage.

I am not the best of photographers, but using the PodZilla really does make taking photos and videos easier, improving the quality of your images (no blurred images from shaking hands) and helping to give a much more professional output. But the ability to bend the legs of the tripod to be more stable on uneven surfaces and effectively tying the tripod to things to create better angles for shots is so easy, giving it an advantage over standard tripods and makes taking pictures and videos make more fun and different. The quality of the tripod and clamp feels very good and it is all lightweight enough (about 0.25kg) to carry around with you.

The only thing missing from this tripod is a built-in spirit level to ensure that your shots are perfectly level (which is available on the large version).

The JOBY PodZilla flexible tripod is a must-have for any photographer/videographer that is serious about capturing the world from every angle. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, the PodZilla is sure to elevate your photography game to new heights. So, grab your camera or smartphone and PodZilla, embrace the great outdoors, let loose your creativity, and let the PodZilla take your photography to the next level!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £41.95

For more information or to buy direct, visit joby.com. Also available from Amazon here.

DISCLOSURE: All thoughts and opinions are my own. This review uses an affiliate link which I may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the Amazon link (it helps with running costs of the website).

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