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Every home office or study needs a desk lamp. But that it another cable behind the desk taking up another plug socket. I am trying to reduce the number of cables and clutter on and behind my desk and already changed my phone charger and clock for one device that does both jobs, taking away one cable and reducing desk clutter. With a new desk and chair, I now wanted a new desk lamp and pen holder, and again wanted something that didn’t add clutter to the desk, and I found it with the rechargeable desk lamp and combined pen holder – and no cables!

The Evilays desk lamp with rechargeable battery is more than just a desk lamp, it is a 4-in-1 versatile desk accessory that not only gives light but helps to organise your desk. It is an energy-saving LED desk lamp, phone stand, pen holder and night light all in one unit.

This is an 18” battery powered 10w desk lamp with a rechargeable battery (charges via a USB type-C cable). It features 3 different lighting modes with 10 stepless dimming options and colour temperatures of 3000k to 6000k. The battery will last 3-8 hours, depending on the mode and brightness levels used before needing recharging but you can also leave plugged into a USB charger should you want a permanent power source (I just plug in a portable power bank charger when it’s time to recharge the battery).

The lamp also features an adjustable gooseneck head so that you can easily position the light into better positions depending on what you are doing. The lamp head is a very good size (8” wide), very bright, flicker free and has no glare – perfect for working or reading by.

The lamp features easy to use touch controls that are very responsive and turn on/off the lamp, cycle through lighting mode (warm, soft or bright modes) and easily adjusts brightness levels. It also features a small night light on the base of the lamp.

It is also a pen holder and phone stand. The night light slightly protrudes from the base of the lamp and also acts as the phone holder – just place your phone on the base between the pen holder and the night light and it stands at an angle for easy viewing without falling over. It also features two compartments for office stationery such as pens, pencils, scissors etc. and can store a good few items in a vertical position (enough space for plenty of pens and pencils).

Desk Lamp

Overall, I find this to be an excellent space saving lamp. It is bright and easy to use with its touch controls. I love the different lighting modes and how easy it is to change brightness levels to adjust the light to your own personal preferences. And I love that I have the option to use it from battery or mains powered.

Battery charging is simple, just plug in a USB-C cable from the mains, power bank, PC or laptop and it can be used whilst charging as well. I love that I don’t need yet another cable hanging down behind the desk, I just plug in a portable power bank to charge when needed (or just plug it directly into my laptop).

As it also features a pen holder and phone holder and takes up little space it also helps to reduce clutter on the desk.

I think that this is an excellent lamp for any office desk, study or bedroom desk. It has a small footprint so takes up very little space but with a wide lamp head for maximum flicker-free, non-glare bright or warm light. And with it being battery powered makes it portable and easy to use anywhere.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £25.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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