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If you have to take daily medications, twice a day, carrying around the pills that you need can be annoying. Do you carry around lots of pill boxes, packets or bottles? How do you organize them to remember which ones you have taken? And then do you want your friends, family and even strangers seeing you popping pills out of those little blister packs? A daily and weekly pill box organiser is an excellent way to manage your medications and the AUVON Travel Pill Box with Carry Case is a discreet way to take your medications on your travels with you whilst organising them into simple morning and evening/night doses for each week day.

The AUVON Travel Pill Box with Carry Case is made of seven individual pill boxes with two compartments. Each pill box is marked with a day of the week and each pill box has two compartments; one for morning and one for night time pills. And the seven small daily pill boxes are all housed in a soft and discreet zip up canvas bag. The overall size is approx. 15 x 8 x 5cm (5.9 x 3.3 x 1.8”), with each individual pill box measuring 6 x 4 x 1.7cm (2.5 x 1.5 x 0.7”).

This pill box organiser is perfect for travel and organising pills for a full week, helping you manage doses and not have to open different packets or bottles every day. It features a 7-day, twice-a-day compartment system, which is perfect for those who need to take medications twice daily. The compartments are spacious, each able to hold between 6 and 14 tablets and capsules (depending on their size), which is perfect for individuals with a more extensive daily medication regimen. It would also make a great addition to a grab and go bag for emergency situations so that you always have a weeks’ worth of your medication on hand.

The seven pill boxes fit neatly and securely into the canvas bag and each compartment clicks tightly shut (tested to 9000 openings and closings). The box is printed with the day of the week on the side so that you can see at a glance which box you need for a certain day of the week, making pill management easy. Each compartment of the pill box is also printed with the day and a morning / night symbol so that you don’t have to worry about taking the wrong pills. The printing uses high-end screen printing ink so that the lettering doesn’t rub off easily through daily use or washing the boxes. Each compartment can easily be opened one-handed.  

The canvas carry case is a soft, durable and lightweight canvas with an internal waterproof layer to protect the pill boxes. It also features an internal grip pouch to securely hold prescriptions, keys, cash or even a blister pack of extra pills such as painkillers that you wouldn’t necessarily be taking daily. The bag and pill boxes offer dual protection for your pills and there won’t be any spillages.

Pill Box

Overall, the AUVON Travel Pill Box with Carry Case is an excellent pill organiser to sort and organise daily medications for a full week (taking medication twice a day). The carry bag is a great size and it securely holds the individual boxes. The bag, boxes and even the zipper all feel excellent quality.

For anybody needing to take medication twice a day, at home or on your travels, this is a fantastic organiser and travel system. If you just needed to take a day’s worth of medication out with you, you can pop out the relevant dosette box and pop it into your pocket or bag. But the bag is small enough to keep all seven days’ worth of medication in your bag.

Sorting your tablets into individual compartments for each day, morning and evening, actually makes it easier to keep track of your medication and helps you to remember to take the pills (and shows you if you have taken your pills for that day, so not doubling up).

The compartments are easy to open and close, even one-handed, and the zipper on the carry bag is a good large size and feels solid and opens/closes smoothly; a significant advantage for people with dexterity issues.

For anybody looking to manage their daily medications better and easier whilst having a secure and discreet bag when travelling, this is an excellent travel pill organiser. It is strong, durable, easy to use and has flexible portability. And it doesn’t cost a fortune with a RRP of £12.99, which I think is fantastic value for money! No spilled pills and no need to carry around different pill blister packs, pill bottles or boxes.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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