V8 Engine

Do you like cars? What about the mechanics of how they work? What about building models? How about tying them together with an intricate project that lets you build your own replica simplified model of a V8 engine and bring it to life with moving parts, sounds, lights and augmented reality. That’s right, the Machine Works Build Your Own V8 Engine model kit allows you to construct a functional model of a V8 internal combustion engine, complete with moving parts and realistic sounds and lights. It’s an engaging way to understand the mechanics behind this powerful engine that drive many of today’s cars.

The Machine Works Build Your Own V8 Engine Kit is a comprehensive kit of a simplified replica working V8 engine. It doesn’t require any special tools or even glue to assemble, although you might need some sandpaper to smooth off some of the occasional rough moulding edges. Once fully assembled and batteries installed (3x AA batteries, not supplied), this battery-powered model engine can be turned on to reveal moving parts, light-up spark plugs and engine sounds. To show it off, it is encased in a transparent housing so that you can see how the engine works. But the fun and education doesn’t stop there; with the aid of your smartphone or tablet special and the interactive augmented reality app you can see what the different parts are and how they function. Not only is this an excellent model building kit for children (age 10+) and adults but it is also an educational tool to learn about how an internal combustion engine works and powers a car.

What do you get with this kit? In the box there are over 250 parts, not a small task for any model builder. When opening the box and looking at all the parts, it can look like quite a daunting task; but fear not, it does come with a comprehensive Haynes style step-by-step manual and a screwdriver – everything that you need to assemble it.

V8 Engine

When you have followed the assembly instructions and finished off any rough edges with sandpaper to smooth them off, you will have built a functional, motorised model of a V8 internal combustion engine. Obviously it is not a full scale replica, measuring approx. 23x30x25cm (a great size for having on display on a shelf or your desk). And you be able to see how it works with its moving parts, complete with illuminated spark plugs and engine sounds, and the augmented reality app brings it to life with exploded views of the engine with 5 animations of key components and detailed descriptions of 11 different engine parts.

V8 Engine

The app works by scanning the completed model. You can switch between normal, x-ray and exploded views. The app also has a How It Works section explaining how different components work and what their functions are. Also in the app is a digital copy of the manual, complete with parts list and assembly instructions.

Overall, the Machine Works Build Your Own V8 Engine Kit with digital and interactive augmented reality is a fun construction kit. Not only do you have fun assembling the pieces to build the engine, but combined with the moving parts and app you also get to see how it works – it even has engine sounds. A visually impressive model that demonstrates the basic mechanics of a V8 engine very well.

V8 Engine

A remarkable educational tool that offers a hands-on approach to learning. It’s a project that requires patience and precision, but the reward is a deeper understanding of engine mechanics and the satisfaction of having built a complex model from scratch. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking for a new challenge or a parent seeking an educational activity for your child, this kit is a fantastic choice that promises hours of engaging fun. It also helps develop skills such as patience, hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity skills, problem solving, reading and following instructions.

A really cool construction project that is so much more than assembling pieces just to display a model. Highly recommended educational fun.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £59.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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